The main page in the app is the palette list. Once you set your color type, the app shows the palettes with your best colors.

Color type can be selected from a list or if you don’t know your type, fill the built-in Color Analysis Quiz and the result of the Quiz will be set automatically as a default color type in the app.

Sure, palettes of other color types can be checked after changing the default color type.

Click the context menu on the toolbar and select a new color type on the list. The default color type can be changed from the Color Type List or based on the result of the Color Analysis Quiz as well.

After the in-app purchase you can use the advanced functions below in the app:

  • Color Map cards with 160 colors will be unlocked for all color type
  • Combination cards with 24 combinations will be unlocked for all color type

Colors in the app can be collected to ‘My Collection’ cards as favorite colors. Adding a new color here, first click the color on the palette. Once the color displayed on the full-display color page, click on the Favorite button (empty star).

Removing this color from ‘My Collection’ click on the Favorite button again. Maximum number of the colors on ‘My Collection’ cards: 48 colors on 4 cards.