Weekly Calendar: Tasks & Notes

User's Guide

After the first launch of the app, you can immediately create your first notes and tasks using the calendar-based interface. However, some parameters can be customized in the app Preferences page:

  • First day of the week: Monday, Sunday

  • First week of the year: First 4-day week, First full week, Starts on 1 January

  • Font and icon size in the calendar: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large

  • Visible maximum text lines in notes: 1-5

  • Show title history for auto-fill in the Title field: ON/OFF

The base page of the app shows a weekly calendar optimized for a mobile phone format. On this calendar page, you can see all the weekly notes. The format and the cells of the calendar are flexible, based on the entered notes/tasks. 

Moreover, you can customize some parameters in the calendar preferences page, such as the first day of the week and font size. The calendar page can also be used in landscape mode. In landscape mode, the weekly calendar layout is slightly different from the portrait layout in order to display the notes optimally.

When adding new notes/tasks, simply type in a few of the first letters of the title, click on an item from the drop-down list, and the app will automatically fill the title based on earlier entered notes. 

This auto-complete function can be switched off in the app’s preferences page.

Using the recurring function, accessible via a long tap on an already existing task, you can define the recurrence pattern for the tasks. 

Patterns can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can set various parameters here, including weekdays, first/second…/last specific days/weekdays in the month, the number of occurrences, and the end date.


The calendar font size can be adjusted in the calendar preferences page.

Yes, the First week of the year can be configured in the app’s Preferences page. There are three options: First 4-day week, First full week, Starts on 1 January.

Yes, the First day of the week can be modified in the app’s Preferences page. The value of this parameter can be either Sunday or Monday.

To delete a note/task, perform a long tap on the note/task in the calendar view and select “Delete” from the menu. Notes/tasks can also be deleted from the Edit page and from the list page.

Statuses can be changed in the Task edit page or on the task list page by swiping the task to the right or left.

Status order when swiping from Right to Left in the premium version:

  • Cancelled -> Not started -> In progress -> Completed 

  • On hold -> In progress

  • Progress level: 0% -> 10% -> 20% -> 30% -> 40% -> 50% -> 60% -> 70% -> 80% -> 90% -> Completed

Status order when swiping from Left to Right in the premium version:

  • Completed -> In progress -> Not started -> Cancelled

  • On hold -> Cancelled

  • Progress level: 90% -> 80% -> 70% -> 60% -> 50% -> 40% -> 30% -> 20% -> 10% -> 0% -> Not started
Status order when swiping from Right to Left in the free version:
  • No status -> In progress -> Completed

  • Progress level: not available
Status order when swiping from Left to Right in the free version:
  • Completed -> In progress -> No status

  • Progress level: not available

The progress level parameter can be used when the status of a task is In progress or On hold. Note: in the case of other statuses, the value of the progress level is not saved.

Recurring notes/tasks can be created by performing a long tap on an already existing note/task in the calendar screen. On the recurrence settings page, you can select the recurrence parameters. Currently, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly patterns are supported.

Notes/tasks can be exported and imported from the Preferences page of the app using the context menu of the top toolbar.

  • Color categories: access 10 different color categories for diversify your task organization further

  • Additional statuses: Not Started, On Hold and Cancelled status are available

  • Task Progress levels: Progress levels from 0% to Completed by 10% steps can be selected

  • Times for events: Set specific times for tasks and events in addition to dates

  • Unlock Recurrence limitation: Remove the 5 recurring item limitation and manage all your repetitive tasks with ease

  • Unlock search function: Searching notes by its title and note parameters

  • Backup, restore function: Unlock export, import notes function from the Preferences page